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Oct 12, 2012 9:20am EDT
rates -- >> ronald reagan -- stuart: steve forbes joins the company to talk about jack kennedy reference and joe biden's misrepresentation of the facts and the tone of the debate at 10:45. you have heard my reaction to the debate. joe biden was rude and showed extraordinary disrespect for his opponent. his laughter was contemptuous and inappropriate. on several occasions he was factually wrong. here is my daughter's take. she is 16. you watch and took notes. here is her first paragraph. most importantly it is hard to view that debate as the debate considering joe biden wouldn't stop interrupting. her first reaction was similar to most people. the vice president was aggressive from the start, trying hard to make up the ground his boss lawson. my daughter went on to say joe biden had a lot to say and prepared -- repaired some of the damage of obama's disaster last week. now the other side. paragraph 2 from my daughter's debate notes. ryan could have been more aggressive. based on facts, ryan won the debate and state collected. that is interesting. my daughter does not follow the issues tha
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
in their sights. with me at the table is steve kornacki, the host of the cycle and senior writer for sigh yu is the founding director of new american leaders project. a national organization for specifically focused on preparing first and second general immigrants. >> robert traynham, an msnbc contributor. chloe angel, a director of -- i'm going to stop talking. what do you think is going to happen on thursday night, steve? >> i think joe biden gets a bad wrap as a politician, as a communicator and as a debater. i'm not sure when exactly it started, but sometime in the last five years. this caricature of biden as everyone's crazy uncle. it's a gaffe a minute. you never know what crazy thing he's going to say next. i think he is a skilled communicator. i think he's a strong debater. the reason he ended up on obama's ticket was because of the democratic primary debates in 2007, 2008. we forget that biden ran for president. how many debates did we step away, it's hillary, it's obama. but joe biden won this debate. i wrote that column four or five times in 2007, 2008. think way back
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
'm joined by ed schultz, reverend al sharpton, chris hayes, steve schmidt. lawrence o'donnell is our man in the spin room tonight. the one and only chris matthews is at centre college in danville, kentucky, the site of tonight's debate. chris, is this unusually high stakes for a vice presidential debate? >> well, it's great being with you, again, rachel, and everyone else tonight at msnbc. look, it's great. it's great in its importance because of what happened last week. the frustration from the democratic base, i expressed it a acceleratisimilar version of the frustration of the failure of the president to bring out all this issues that his paid advertising, speeches have made all year but for some reason he didn't bring up. the most powerful issues. i'm going to one through four or five. by one word. you know the one word. vouchers. the way paul ryan wants to deal with health care which won't work for medicare. personhood. the way he wants to basically in effect criminalize, turn it into murder abortion decisions. the emergency room. where this presidential candidate of the republican
Oct 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
harwood? >> guys, i would just like to ask both paula and doug about what we heard from steve liesman today. their message was, especially from blankfein, if we get entitlement cuts yes, business should go along with tax increases as a solution to our debt deficit problem. paula, do you think that's the right answer from business and doug, is that the right answer for republicans? >> i heard those statements earlier today and i think it is a great representation of the kind of creativity we really are going to have to bring to these challenging economic times and i think the biggest theme from the debt reduction effort so far is, everything should be on the table and i think that's what the president has said and i think that's what you will hear tonight from joe biden. >> john, it's a great question. i think there are three components. you know we do have to have a strong foundation of growth. i think it's just a statement of the facts that we won't make progress on budget deficits unless the economy is growing. and the second thing we need to do is really just stop the bleeding. we'
Oct 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
, steve king lost some base support. democrats would love to pick up this seat. guest: i'm sure they would love to pick up the seat. the problem is they've already thrown in the towel. the rest of the democratic super pacs given up the seats. i'm glad they wasted money on this seat. steve king will win overwhelmingly. getting back to the budget. let's focus on the fact that barack obama budget was put in the house and senate and it got zero vote. that's a stilling argument. he's gotting zero votes, none in the house and none in the senate. listen, when you're negotiating, it's hard to negotiate with yourself. the democrats never figured out a way to get their whole coalition of democrats around everything. we look forward to negotiating with them and look forward to increasing job growth. host: robby mook, have democrats given up on vilsack? guest: that's untrue. we invested tremendous amount of money in the district. the real story here is this race is in play at all in the first place. the reason that it's in play, before there was a tea party steve king, was the tea party.
Oct 7, 2012 9:00am PDT
? this is big news. >>> and now for the political endorsement on line from that wild and crazy guy, steve martin, martin's friend, bob kerry is running for the senate. he did something to boost the campaign, but it was just a little unusual. >> hi, i'm steve martin, you probably know me as the actor and comedian, but did you know i'm also a home crafts expert? today, i'm going to show you how to make a wad of paper. a wad of paper can be a lot of fun to just play with around the house, or maybe toss expertly in a trash can. >> you see here, martin is starting the demonstration, printed signs of kerrey's campaign is printed on screen. >>> and on this day in 2003, california sacked gray davis in favor of arnold schwarzenegger. the famed body builder took the job in the country's most highly populated state. >> governor arnold schwarzenegger, even though the polls predicted it, a lot of people expected it. and even more wanted it, it still is a stunning development in american politics and for what it could mean across the country. governor gray davis lost the recall poll by ten percentage points.
Oct 9, 2012 12:00pm EDT
". [laughter] >> you could make it up but why bother? there it is. want to thank steve and just in case he has the urge to start drinking heavily we supplied him with a case of pbr back there on ice. that is how he celebrates. the annual mrc dishonors award has its winners chosen by a distinguished cross-section of the vast right-wing conspiracy department of media affairs. you may not have known that existed but it does. for our galas it always been a star-studded assembly and this year is no exception. this year we have, for 2012, 12 judges and it is my pleasure to introduce them to you. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ >> all right. our third and final presenter this evening is a man who of course needs no introduction but he is going to get one anyway just in case. he's well-known in the conservative movement as both an intellectual heavy lifter and one of our best and cleverist humorists. more importantly he is a past presenter for our dishonors awards. he is the founding editor of and is currently editor-at-large for nro. he is a visiting fellow at aei and a fox news contributor. ho
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am EDT
. steve? thank you for calling in. caller: i wanted to ask gilbert from oklahoma, he stated that none of mitt romney's sons are in the service. what branch of service did bill clinton, barack obama, and joe biden served in? these folks but little people because they decided not to serve, or to serve. my father came back from vietnam in 1971 and told me not to go into the service because of the way they were treated when they came home. my draft number was high enough that i did not have to go. i do not understand what is going on in this country. host: what should mitt romney talk about? caller: the military protection of our interests, he should continue to do so. i think like 5% of the cost in the pentagon, but we would not know, as we have not seemed to have a budget for anything. these folks call in for information -- bill clinton is the one who repealed glass- stiegel. it led to the downfall of housing and the problems we had in 2008. everyone contributed to it. 60 million jobs went away in the internet bubble. host: 94 calling in this morning. i want to point you to "the new yor
Oct 11, 2012 7:30pm PDT
to steve schmidt, who's a senior adviser to the mccain/palin campaign in 2008. watching this as a republican, steve, i will just say in the room here us all watching together we were all much more riveted than we were last week during the presidential debate. what's your overall reaction with how the guys kid tonigdid ? >> it's a fiery debate. i can't remember a debate that's been as fiery as this one at this level. i think republicans will watch this. they will say paul ryan won. >> really? >> they'll be happy with this performance. i think democrats who watched this will be fired up about joe biden's performance. i think he did what he needed to do tonight which is to calm some of the panic in the democratic base by having a fiery performance. but i also think this -- his smiling, the laughing, the grinning, if you look at the recent history of debates, whether it's al gore sighing, president george herbert walker bush looking at his watch, so many of these debates have come to be dominated by these personality quirks that manifested themselves over the course of the d
Oct 10, 2012 9:00am EDT
, but why bother? there it is. i want to thank steve and just encase has the urge to start drinking of the, we have supplied them with a case of pbr. that's how he celebrates. the annual mrc dishonors award, as its winners chosen by distinguished cross-section of the vast right wing conspiracy department of media affairs, you may not have known that that existed, but it does, for our gala it's bee been a star-studdd assembly and this year is no exception. this year we have her 2012, 12 judges. and it is my pleasure to introduce them to you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> our final presenter this evening is a man who of course needs no introduction but is going to get one anyway just in case. he is well-known in the conservative movement as both an intellectual heavy lifter and one of our best and cleverest humorists. more important he's a past presenter or our dishonors awards, he's the founding editor of "national review online" and is currently editor at large. is a visiting fellow at aei and a fox news contributor. how many jobs can one guy have? is a national columnist apparently more number o
Oct 6, 2012 9:00am PDT
. and now evidently steve forbes, a former presidential candidate tweeting his endorsement of jack welch. then against almost everybody else in this town, a former economist on here, jared bernstein, said jack welch ought to be ashamed of himself. a former republican white house official also endorsed the integrity of the people who put these numbers together at the bureau of labor statistics. so jack welch and a couple of other people on an island on this one. really an inflammatory attack with no evidence to back it up. >> mike viqueira at the white house, thanks so much. >>> for reaction to that i'm joined by susan page, "usa today" and david nakamura, "washington post." good day to both of you. this is fascinating. susan, first of all, how much does this employment number blunt mitt romney's debate momentum? and do you think the white house is going phew, relieved at this? >> if not popping champagne bottles. two-ways in which this number was so useful to the white house yesterday. it got the unemployment rate below 8% which has been kind of a line of demarkation. the romney folks ha
Oct 10, 2012 10:00am EDT
consider the consequences are likely to be. steve races a fair point. i do think that we will make -- and those circumstances, we would make a major effort. it would fail. one of the reasons, is because, and this is not just theoretical, i had discussions with the saudis, and when the king said if they get it, we get it, i was duty bound to describe what the consequences would be cured and after 10 minutes of being a highly eloquent on this subject, he said to me, if they get it, we get it. there is a reality that they see their main competitor from every standpoint. including a religious standpoint. having an advantage over them. having a technological advantage. having a military advantage. they are not going to accept that. i think the reason our policy is prevention is because we understand what the consequences will be if we do not succeed in maintaining this. that is the point about containment. containment does not prevent the saudis for making this decision to go ahead and do this. and our ability to persuade them along the lines of, look, you can count on our insurance. i
Oct 10, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in light of what was the last week in denver? >> steve, i think he touched on the biggest reason why this debate could be more important than these under cards typically are. that is because there is pressure on joe biden to stand and deliver, and to change the narrative from what we've had the last few days. which is a fact given president obama's weak performance in denver, that mitt romney for the first time it seemed a real bump in the polls, and in some states is polling narrowly ahead. so i think biden will try to turn that around, put paul ryan and the gop ticket back on the defensive and at the same time the burden is on trying to keep the mojo going, keep romney's sort of balance here a life released a few more days until the president and mitt romney face off again next week. so i think that's the biggest reason why this thing matters. also one important point and that is this is one of the first perhaps the only campaign where one side is really campaigning against the policies of the other parties vice president as much as they're running against the other party's preside
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm EDT
to design as steve squires explains. we notice it with the pan cam wide-angle camera. we hit it with a mini test to check for iron. it looks interesting, and we go over and we figure out its molecular composition with the apsx. everything works together. having instruments that work together encourages the teams to work together. this was squires' vision which he called science engineering. he said, you've got those sensors, and each of them provides complimentary bytes of knowledge. you're going to use the payload to the fullest advantage. if people look at it as being entirely at their disposal. if you were out there in the field, he says, doing geology with your field partner, you might be arguing about what this rock means or what that rock mean, but you're not going to be arguing about should we use the rock hammer or should we use the compass. we don't have pan cam guys arguing with mini test guys but rather geologists arguing with chemists about exploration. now, to appreciate that you need to know that this design and organization starkly contrasts with almost every other planetary
Oct 8, 2012 8:00pm EDT
at the virginia military institute. >> here's tonight's moderator, steve prosinski. >> good evening and welcome to tonight's u.s. senate debate by billings gazette communication. i'm steve prosinski, editor of the gazette. between denny rehberg and senator john tester a democrat. three veteran montana voters will ask questions. montana public broadcasting and c-span are broadcasting tonight's debate. yellowstone public radio are broadcasting our forum also and the gazette is streaming it live on each candidate will have one minute to answer a question then the other candidate we have one minute to respond. each candidate will have two minutes for a closing statement. before we go to the questions, we all ask you hold your applause until off the closing comments. we're all here to listen to them, not each other. please respect them by holding your applause until the debate has ended thank you. now to the question. we'll start with a question for senator tester. you'll have a minute to respond and representative rehberg will have a minute to comment and senator tester will have 30
Oct 6, 2012 3:00am PDT
does that do to the republican party's politics on this issue? joining us now, steve carknacky, the co-host of msnbc's the cycle and a senior writer at thanks for being here. >> happy to be here. >> there were a ton of these gay marriage bans on the ballot in 2004 and the common wisdom was republicans thought it would drive up turnout and help george w. bush get elected by bringing out conservatives who might not like him but who really hated gay people. did that turn out to be the case in '04? >> there is all sorts of speculation about that. you can certainly match up. it was a year in which turnout went up surprisingly overall and it was sort of a base election where the base of each party was activated. i've never seen a definitive study that said yes we can clearly link the x number of voters in ohio or whatever would have stayed home if not for this being on the ballot. you can find a correlation between people who voted against it in a place like ohio and who voted for george w. bush but on a lot of other issues, too. >> sort of a mixed bag. the common wisdom doesn't m
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
, samson on our democrat line. are you with us? let's move on to steve in shreveport, louisiana, on our independent line. caller: good morning. host: hold on a second, we are going back to steve. caller: i do have a personal experience in my own family. my father was very wealthy and i come from a very wealthy family. my mother really did not care about anything. the only people she wanted to hang around with or rich ladies. we had remade in our house and she did not do anything. she did not cook for us or anything. i was very disgusted with my own mother. from what i see of ann romney, the only thing she cares about is looking good and trying to look like she's 35 years old, caring about makeup and clothing. she was a cancer survivor, but she's not the only one. a lot of people are suffering from cancer. when mitt romney was putting his money overseas and exporting jobs overseas, she knew the whole thing. she should have said you should not do that. and it is against mormon religion to invest in a casino and things like that. it's against their religion. but she knew about it and let m
Oct 8, 2012 8:30am EDT
and how the instruments had been used and how the goals affected the plan tomorrow. in the words of steve's collier's the principal investigators of the mer mission, this has been the first overland expedition on another planet. applying the tools at the chosen spots along the martian landscape we've learned how water has affected the chemistry of soil and rocks and found places in the past that were similar to wear life thrives on earth. home plate for example an area behind the columbia hills is about 100 meters across edomite the remnants of hot springs like those we find at yellowstone national park. this is how the planet to the field science proceeds by recognizing minerals, formations and process these that are familiar to what we understand on our home planet. the success of what is called planetology on mars is partly why it is an exciting place to study. we are on another planet. but it looks and feels a bit like home. just as the mer scientists make analogies with earth, my study of the field science at mars started by comparing it to how the field of science is done on earth.
Oct 10, 2012 2:00am PDT
the attackers couldn't get into steve stevens' safe room so they put it on fire. what's next? >> that's right, zoraida. smoke and fumes filled the air. stevens and the security guard were really having trouble breathing. they decided to move to a bathroom where there was a little bit more air. that proved to be unsuccessful. they decided to try to leave through an adjacent berm. as they were moving there, the security officer, protocol deck tates he try to get out first, when he turned around, ambassador stevens and sean smith were not there, the security officer and several officers took turns going into the smoke-filled, fire-filled building to try to find ambassador stevens and shawn smith. they did find shawn but they did not find ambassador stevens. we found out later that ambassador stevens had been taken to a hospital. they found his pocket and found his cellphone and started calling people who were listed in the phone and finally found out, reached the embassy to tell them he was there. >> oh, my goodness. after u.s. personnel left the consulate, the attacks continued. the state depar
Oct 9, 2012 3:00am PDT
. >> bill: no. >> i'm with you. >> bill: steve jobs would not like it either. >> i think you might be right. >> bill: all right. yes, indeed look the news of the day we have already had calls and emails about it. obama supporters are panic over the latest pew poll. the poll this morning shows that among likely voters since last week's debate mitt romney has soared -- well, he has bounced at least and he is up four points now. 49-45 over president obama, again, according to the pew research center among registered voters it's 46-46. here is my take on this. don't panic. okay? ing don't panic. it is not all over. some people think it is and not the case. let us remind ourselves, and just step back here for a second, what this really does mean. first of all i have to -- i -- i have to laugh remembering that just a week or so ago, before the debate when every one of the national polls showed president obama up by three, four, five, six, seven points. republicans were running around saying polls don't matter. these polls don't mean anything right. now there's one poll that go
FOX News
Oct 13, 2012 1:00pm PDT
together an all-star team. i want to thank also steve shabbat. he's great congressman. make sure and reelect him, right? we need to get that done. and thank you to lieutenant governor mary taylor. she's been introducing me across the state of ohio, interestingly, we keep getting larger and larger crowds and she's done it again. thank you, mary, appreciate your help! thank you! [ cheers and applause ] now about a week ago i had a debate and i did enjoy myself. [ cheers and applause ] it was a great opportunity for the president and for me, for both of us to talk about our respective points of view. we had a chance to talk about substance. sometimes in debates, the moderators are jumping in and asking questions to try and get you off track. but this moderator let us speak about issues that people care about, people heard both of what we had to say. it was a very helpful opportunity and i got to ask the president some questions that i know people across the country have wanted to have asked. i asked him, for instance, why were 23 million americans out of work or struggling to find a
Oct 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
this is unbelievable. they're messing with the numbers. steve forbes, former gop presidential candidate, berkeley man himself, retweeted it and said, jack is right. and then there was this entire universe. i joked about it. you're out of your mind if you don't think these numbers were cooked. yesterday jack welch went on my colleague "chris matthews show" and this is what transpired. >> you put out the word here, unbelievable jobs numbers, fair enough. these chicago guys will do anything so they change the numbers. what evidence do you have that they got to the bos? the chicago guys got to the bureau of labor statistics and jimmied these numbers by .3%. >> i have no evidence, i just raised the question. >> you came out and asserted not a question mark or talked about a coincidence, you said these chicago guys will do anything so they change the numbers. do you want to take that back? jimmying with these numbers. there was corruption here, infiltration, getting to the -- it's not funny, jack. you're talking about the president of the united states playing with the bureau of labor statistics numbers. t
Oct 10, 2012 3:00am PDT
. >> william alexander, carry arrest coast, elliott schieffer and come by steve shine kin. the thing we see with young people's literature is more and more serious themes. so in every case you've got young people in danger, young people facing challenges. >> you could say this about any of the awards for the arts. but it's so subjective. how do you choose between five great books in every category. >> it's up to these judges to look at the books of highst quality. >> this is an ongoing scandal that won. >> you know, this show has -- this book as well as loaded. why do the criticings continue to -- is it just pure jealousy, david? buy they hate willie geist? >> david, how is knowing your value doing? >> knowing your value is a huge best seller. >> it's his book. nobel prize for literature this year. >> okay, david steinberger, i hope you want to come back someday. >> thanks for having me on. >> congratulations to all these authors. they have sweated blood for years. congratulations on what you've accomplished today. we're really proud of you. >> you can check out the full list of this year's
Oct 10, 2012 1:00am EDT
force was providing more than it was worth at the time. i just want to ask one last question of steve before we go to the audience. this is a political season. these things will be litigated. my question is, among your friends, including a more conservative friends in the financial sector, is this generally accepted as a success? or is this a fight? is largely over the numbers or is it an ideological issue of whether it was the right thing to do? >> i think there's a few different groups. i don't think wall street is completely a monolith. one group of people, not the largest group, who essentially agree with what the governor romney's position is and paul ryan, acting debut different positions, which said the. government should the. there's a group of people who say it makes no sense to me that the government just could've stayed on the sideline and may be done something in the end and all would've worked out fine. there's a middle group of people who believe what the government did was right in terms of getting involved in the industry or believe the restructuring was a success and
Oct 9, 2012 8:00pm EDT
reform. [cheers and applause] no matter how much donald trump and steve went complain about it, it is good for the american people. [cheers and applause] no longer can insurance companies cancel you for no reason. no longer can you have lifetime caps. you get sick, doesn't work anymore. that's gone. preexisting disabilities no longer. what this legislation does, he says by the year 2014. that's not very far from now, states all over america and emphatic of credit to the governor for that, are setting up these exchanges. we are going to have the ability of people in america, people in nevada today to have the same kind of insurance that i as a federal employee has. [cheers and applause] that is what the legislation is all about. in the same legislation, we extended the lifetime of medicare for almost 10 years. we took $800 billion away from the providers, insurance companies and give it to people who need medicare, senior citizens. now the doughnut hole is almost filled. we now have on this check it her free for senior citizens. this is all part of the health care bill. [cheers
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
go back further. we look at steve camp or jack kemp. in 96, did he drown out voters? no, he may spending his own money, all you could do at that time on his own campaign made it more possible that bob dole might do so that other gop candidates in the race got heard from. everybody did. we go back to the last election before the passage of the campaign act of 1968. mccarthy got his campaign running in a weakened because a bunch of people given 10 million bucks, which you can't do. did that drown people out or did that make to that drown people out or did that make >> well, clearly, no lack of disagreement on >> well, clearly, no lack of disagreement on this panel. i do want to go back to you, ken. you've been looking not tracking the money. in addition to these questions of how much influence individuals have come and there's so question of what the state of play. one of the thinkers interested in a something you wrote about, that george soros warned the bible or virtual bible that he wouldn't donate to the super pac and he decided to. so what do you think is changing, kim, in th
Oct 8, 2012 8:30pm EDT
from taxes by my friend steve moore of "the wall street journal" to iran by my friend michael la dean, and d this one is about jend or -- gender policy. >> host: and another new book put out by aei, american enterprise institute, is "women's figures."at's >> guest: yes. that's meant to appeal to the playboy crowd. [laughter]ss >> host: an illustrative guide to the economic progress of wit women. i'm going to start with theof broadside, and i think some of the ideas are the same in bothea of these. and that is the first paragraph which is compared with men women in 21st century america live five years longer, face an unemployment rate that is lore, are awarded -- [inaudible] in other words, contrary to what feminists, lobbyists would have congress believe, girls ande women are doing very well.n ar >> guest: exactly, yes. yes. well, it's very true that women are doing better than men, and they earn about 58% of mas and bas, fewer in jail, their earnings when compared to men in the same jobs are about the same. and what we need are economic policies that help everyone. we don't need affi
Oct 8, 2012 3:00am PDT
bored. how about the old ball coach, everybody? talking football. >> steve spurrier. >> holy cow! >> those gamecocks. >> south carolina, number three. >> the gators are back. >> west virginia guy. i don't know how they won at texas on saturday night. >> geno smith. >> love that guy. >> he only had four touchdown passes. it feels like a letdown from last week. >> by the way, that west virginia/texas game, one of the best college football games in a long time. what a shootout. >> mika agrees. >> exactly what you said. fantastic. >> all year. >> unbelievable. mike, thank you so much. >>> up next, harold ford jr. joins us for the "must-read opinion pages." we're back in just a moment. >>> okay. look at that pretty shot of d.c. welcome back to "morning joe" at 46 past the hour. joining us now for the "must-read opinion pages," msnbc political analyst and visiting professor at nyu, former democratic congressman, harold ford jr. >> the great harold ford. welcome to the show. >> thank you, sir. >> we have two for you guys this morning. the first is "the new york times," "it could be his
Oct 9, 2012 2:00am EDT
example is steve jobs and apple. apple derived enormous benefits from the advanced research project agency. they really started the interview. wasn't al gore. but does he ever pay tribute to that? absolutely not. it was all this perception that one or two people did everything and the president was absolutely right. i don't think she phrased it right, but everybody has a lot of help. just a wee a statistic in the book that goes to the heart of the question. in the mid-50s come in the very richest americans, group tracked by the irs for decades, the 400 richest people in the mid-50s they paid 51% of their income in federal taxes. by 2007, they are paying 60%. the man, this didn't just happen overnight. this is in a hurricane that blew through a lowered everybody's taxes. this is public-policy countrymen systematically for many years and has contributed to an equity and imbalance and it's also why so many people at the bottom don't have the money they once did. >> host: welcome you back in the book that two thirds of the nation's total income between 2002 and 2007 went to the top 1%. and you
Oct 12, 2012 10:30pm EDT
. >> it is your turn to ask a question. >> thank you steve, congressman you've taken 15 trips in your tenure in congress. taxpayer-paid trips. trips to australia and south america and europe and south pacific. you've eaten in castles and on boats and meal boats and gin bars and dealt with lobbyist. i'm sure the lobbyist and special interest got their money from taxpayer trips. what exactly do taxpayers of montana get? >> every trip i've taken has been the benefit of montana. i traveled to australia to find out why it was best of interest for me to vote for the australian free trade. and why they could make the endangered species act worked and we could not. why it was necessary to have the vote that i did. i learned about south korean trade. why did i travel to places like europe? i was honored in a bipartisan fashion for leading democrats in the house to give a keynote speak at normandy to honor our world war ii veterans. it was at the presentation of a new memorial. you want to talk about lobbyist, you're the number one recipient of money for lobbyist. i look out at this room. everybody ou
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